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In modern day society, sixty two% of U.S. Families have pets. In maximum instances, those pets are considered a loved family member and regularly dealt with like children.

It is not any marvel that puppy proprietors are doing what they can to take their pets safety more critically.

With pets being taken and mistreated simplest to 菲律賓寵物移民 be left off target, proprietors are looking for more dependable methods to defend their pets.

Animal Statistics

Of the 62% of family pets within the U.S. 78 million are puppies, whilst 86 million are cats. Just suppose, there are extra than 70 million stray cats roaming loose at the streets.

When it comes to associate animals (pets) which can be misplaced each 12 months:

5 – 7 million accomplice animals are sheltered annually
3 – 4 million partner animals euthanized annually (60% puppies/ 70% cats)
15 – 20% of partner animals are again to their owners (had tattoo’s, identity’s, or microchip)
Benefits to Using a GPS Tracker as Pet Locator

Pet owners are getting to know there are advantages to using a GPS tracker as a puppy locator:

Prevent pets from becoming misplaced or stolen
Prevent safe haven fees via tracking and locating your personal pet
Geofence safety can warn you the moment your puppy is out in their detailed place
Software is person-friendly
Reasons Pets Become Lost

Understanding how and why pets turn out to be misplaced is the important thing to prevention.

The following is a listing of the top four reasons pets turn out to be misplaced:

Opportunity: Door left open, gate left open
Curiosity: Digging beneath a fence, darting past an proprietor
Panic: Loud noises, thunder, lightening
Making positive you shut the door or gate in the back of you can assist to prevent a puppy from wandering off.

If you see where they were digging beneath a fence, take precautions to fill the hollow and offer a barrier preventing your pet from being able to reach the alternative aspect.

Try creating as lots white noise as possible for your pet. This may additionally assist with desensitization.