What to Look For in Moving Quotes

When the time comes to move folks often don’t know where to start. It often seems like an overwhelming task to get all your possessions from your old house to your home, safe and sound. The first step in the process is to hire a moving company. Okay, which one? Your selection of a moving company is a very important decision and can be the difference between a hassle-free move and a nightmare. To begin, you should contact at least 5 reputable moving companies to get moving quotes. Most companies will give you a quote free of charge. So what should you look for in moving company quote? A moving quote provides you with more than just prices. A number of other factors should be considered:

• Timeframe – Each moving quote should contain an estimated timeframe to get the move done. This is not set in stone as some factors are beyond the control of the movers but this provides a rough estimate of when the moving company can get the job done. This should be kept in mind if you are on a tight schedule. If your moving quotes don’t include a timeframe ask for one.

 References – Yes, unfortunately there are some bad moving companies out there and you definitely want to avoid them. Most moving quotes will provide references moving quotes which you can contact to make sure the moving company has a history of quality service. Be sure to check these references to get an idea of the kind of service you can expect from each company. If your quotes don’t include references again, just ask. Any reputable mover will be more than happy to include references with their moving quotes.

 Insurance – Even reputable movers do sometimes mess up. You’ll want to inquire about available insurances in the event your items are damaged or lost in transit. Generally you’ll want insurance to cover at least the total value of your belongings. Keep in mind this is replacement value, the cost to replace your belongings, not actual value as you would need to buy new items in the event there were loss or damage.

• Price – After comparing all of the above factors in your moving quotes compare prices. You’ll be surprised how much the prices may vary amongst your quotes which is the reason to get moving quotes from a number of companies. Comparing quotes can save you as much as 60-70%. You can call or email each moving company to get moving quotes or try a free service like Shipping Sidekick which gives you moving quotes from a number of companies with only 1 form to fill out.