Hold on to Your Seat for Need For Speed: Most Wanted

The ever famous Need for Speed racing franchise is again! Following the frustration of The Run, writer Electronic Arts in partnership with British developer Criterion, have come roaring back with their NFS: Most Wanted name.

Criterion come with a pedigree of having previously created Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and this suggests in the love they have certainly poured into each issue of this hot new recreation for the iOS platform.

Visceral Experience

What jumps out at you with Most ocean of games Wanted is the eye to element with seemingly every thing of the game. Speeding through dimly lit tunnels, rising back out into the center of a sunny day, the sun hits the wind-protect and blinds you… Music streaming in from the radio starts offevolved to reduce out whilst you hit a terrible reception vicinity… The details are all there so that it will experience as you blast along at a hundred and fifty miles consistent with hour.


Fairhaven is the vicinity for this version in the NSF racing franchise, with all the bells and whistles protected. At first it can appear too small and limiting, however this is earlier than you truely get to discover it greater completely. Every facet street, every alleyway, flood drain, bridge… If it is huge sufficient to get your vehicle down it, you can drive by it, through it, or across it. Fairhaven consists of 10 tracks for enough variety with race publications and occasion sorts to keep the engine purring too.

But that is just wherein the amusing starts though. Off street is where this sport absolutely excels. Taking alternative routes, flying through huge billboards, hoping there is an unfinished street behind it somewhere and seeing if you will live on it. Cruising round, attempting to find a quicker course is amazing fun. But can you keep away from the flashing lighting in the back of you?

Police Chase

The fuzz aren’t a ways at the back of, in the trendy added characteristic of NFS: Most Wanted. They disguise in simple sight, they disappear into the shadows, and they’ll be on you real speedy whilst you ruin pace records!

Ditch ’em, bump ’em, push ’em, and attempt to edge them off the road. But keep away from the ones road spikes that they lay down in advance of you to blow out your excessive performance tyres! A excellent new gaming detail, borrowed from other hot titles, to spice things up.


NFS: Most Wanted comes with 41 vehicles blanketed in the sport. Many of these may be without difficulty discovered inside Fairhaven itself, parked in facet streets, off ramps and some other place. The cars variety from the Lancia Delta to the Aston Martin V12 Vantage supercar.

Many of the cars can be changed whilst in-game, but you may want to make adjustments earlier than you race to keep away from crashing! There are diverse customizations, a few are free and others may be acquired inexpensively with in-game purchases.

Final Verdict

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is an splendid return to shape for Electronic Arts and a welcome return to the franchise for Criterion. Cross-platform options to run the game in your iPhone or your iPad make this a quick-shifting game you could experience anywhere.