GOD: Grasping God, His All-knowingness, Ubiquity, Power, and Supernatural occurrences

God’s Electromagnetic Energy:

God is Light energy particles and He was the one in particular Who existed approximately quite a while back at the hour of the proposed Huge explosion when the universe was made by Him. His extraordinary “electromagnetic” energy is colossal to the point that we proposed God to be the inconspicuous energy field of three-layered space itself which physicists have named the Higgs field. Additionally God’s extraordinary “electromagnetic” energy is the wellspring of soul energy in babies that like oxygen is essential for human existence. We further examined the Heavenly soul energy inside our body as having a unique Mass which permits our spirits to be a reasoning mind free of our human cerebrum. We also reasoned that the spirit lives on always since Marcia’s immaterial soul in Paradise unreservedly speaks with my spirit energy in my body through direct thought-energy clairvoyance.

The populace on Earth is as of now seven billion and every Miracle spirit that coordinates into an embryo in another manifestation in a mother’s belly gets 75 million of God’s Light energy particles. God’s billions of quadrillions of His own “electromagnetic” energy, which is ceaselessly increasing as the universe grows, can undoubtedly oblige all of the spirit energies inside the human species. Contrasted with the splendid Albert Einstein, God has trillions of times more mind. This gigantic cosmic explosion mind moved by God gives God the getting sorted out insight to the be of all, our planet, and our universe. God likewise appears to have different kinds of energies like celestial energy, confidence energy, wonder energy, and prediction energy notwithstanding the “electromagnetic” energy utilized by our spirits.

God’s All-knowingness:

Contemplations don’t begin in the human mind. They continually develop in our spirits and in this way can be checked by God. No individual as of now understands someone else’s thought processes yet God knows, regardless of how clandestinely we attempt to stow away or mask our contemplations inside our Heavenly spirits joined together indistinguishably inside our human cerebrum. God likewise screens our ethical decisions with our inherent Through and through freedom even before we make them. That is the very thing that All-knowingness implies ââ�â� all knowing. We each have a count sheet or profound score card that is kept in Paradise which will decide if we will progress to living everlastingly in the Messianic Age. Once more on the off chance that we have carried on with a significant existence with truth, trustworthiness, goodness, and decency in our heart and atoned for our wrongdoings, we will be conceded into a second Nursery of Eden where the tendency to do detestable will be curbed as it was for Adam and Eve before the snake entered their lives.

This time anyway our heaven will be supported in light of the fact that before the Messianic Age can start, Satan who impacts our underhanded tendency should be annihilated. In the main Nursery of Eden exactly quite a while back, God had His motivations to utilize Satan whom He had made to entice a simple Eve. At the point when Eve gave way to her longings and her human self image, both Adam and she needed to leave the Nursery. One result of Eve then Adam eating the taboo product of the Tree of Information was that Satan was formally selected to follow up on and impact the abhorrent tendency in all future people. He likewise gave Satan surprising powers to change, bad, and own human spirits by which Satan whenever could “become” his supporters’ malevolent tendency and prompt in them the need to commit underhanded demonstrations. The results of Satan’s power is clear in the famous story of Adam and Eve’s twin children, Cain and Abel. It is my conflict that Satan turned into the detestable tendency in Cain who then slew his sibling Abel. Cain at last passed on yet Satan is still with us to the current day. We will take up this matter in a future article on Satan where we will make sense of Satan’s powers and God’s purposes behind making evil. On the off chance that God is all knowing, even Satan’s viewpoints and plans can’t be stowed away from God.

God’s Ubiquity:

Einstein’s popular Relativity Energy Condition anticipated that if people would go at the speed of light, 186 thousand miles each second, we would live always as time wouldn’t exist and would fall into the physicist’s time-space final aspect. The spirit goes at multiple times the speed of light, a unimaginable 186 billion miles each second, and hence can live for the unfathomable length of time. Like a drop of water in the sea which can’t be isolated from the sea, our spirit energy can’t be isolated from God’s Light energy. Subsequently God also goes at the comparable twist speed as our spirit energy and isn’t likely to time. For God, He was, He is, and He will be. Fourteen billion years starting from the production of the universe are accordingly something very similar to God as 6,000 years starting from the Making of Adam and Eve. For God who kicked off earth’s life structures with microorganism species 3.8 quite a while back, Creation and Development are a similar time occasion since God is free of time. Our human cerebrums anyway witness these as independent occasions since we are reliant upon time.

The human body behaves like a “dark opening” and compels the speed of the Heavenly soul energy within us. Anyway the body doesn’t hinder thought-energy communication between spirits from Earth to Paradise as well as the other way around. At the point when we have a thought, the idea is quickly changed over completely to God’s extraordinary “electromagnetic” energy which permits the clairvoyant correspondence among natural and perished spirits. This thought-energy transformation crosses the universe through wormholes at twist speed.

Marcia soul can’t address me resoundingly yet God can talk in a noisy Voice or calm Voice as a result of His boundless Light energy. God addressed 6,000,000 Israelites at the foot of Mount Sinai to convey the Ten Decrees in a roaring Voice. In 1982, I heard God’s profound emphatic outer Voice in my cabin on Lengthy Island. This happened by and by in 1998 and furthermore in the nineties to Marcia and my most youthful girl Erin. It likewise happened to my previous understudy, Thomas Spradley, and it happened to Moses and others back in scriptural days.

God’s Supremacy:

God’s gigantic measure of Light energy particles permits Him to be Supreme or all strong. Envision what you could do assuming you were one-hundred trillion times more intelligent than you are today. Einstein accepted that God never threw the dice and played it safe and had faith in a deterministic universe. Einstein tried to demonstrate this foreordained idea of the universe with the right numerical equation even on his deathbed. However Quantum Material science has been approved showing that there is no fate in the universe. Best case scenario, you could say we are residing helpfully in a binding together entire where everything is in a powerful condition of motion. Anyway is Einstein right? I currently accept that he is and that the deterministic binding together entire is God.

What I recently propose is that God with His basically boundless energy foreordained each part of our universe, our planet, and the muddled plan of the human body. At the point when He made Adam as a young out of the stardust accumulated from the four corners of the earth without the requirement for a sperm and egg, God was exhibiting His wonders. However notwithstanding keeping away from the belly, Adam’s body was wonderfully enriched by God with a testicles to deliver sperm that would treat Eve’s eggs to yield children and probable girls in typical labor. Adam’s residue made body was accordingly very much like any of our bodies today. At the point when Eve was made out of Adam’s rib, God was further showing us that He was the first hereditary cloner. The marvel inside the wonder was that Eve ought to have been Adam’s indistinguishable twin with precisely the same DNA however she wasn’t say thanks to God. At the point when I compose one more article later on Restoration, I will address God’s potential explanations behind the two decisions of making life ââ�â� one from dust and the other from human science.

The human body is very complicated. For very nearly thirty years when I was a teacher at Stony Creek, I showed both the Dental and PhD understudies about the Pharmacology of Salivary Emission. The systems for emission of spit were hugely muddled when I conveyed a comprehension of what was occurring at the phone level. Today unique revelations are being made consistently in such different logical regions as the impact of non-Coding DNA on wellbeing and illness to human memory and mind capability. For quite a while now I have accepted that God is the Expert Researcher and the Expert Maker yet with my new acknowledgment of God’s cosmic explosion mind, I currently can perceive how God set up all that we know today early on in a foreordained universeã¢â�â� so researchers could make revelations of what God definitely realized they would ultimately find out by their hypothetical and lab tests.

Despite the fact that God thusly did progress of time foreordain all that we have found about our universe and ourselves, He stayed quiet about this from us. He never told us since He needed to give us the Through and through freedom to make our own cheerful revelations. In certain regards, God gave the focuses on the guide yet He surrendered it to us to draw an obvious conclusion and track down the best courses through the labyrinth of life. Frequently only one course ends up being the right course in science yet in life there is nobody right course. We each need to travel our own way and make our own particular manner regardless of help. We inhabit when innovation has given the means to us to annihilate ourselves. Could we at any point fault God for the condition of our reality? Many say OK since God could undoubtedly meddle through His All-knowingness